TV Series Development and Pitching Workshop

Instructor: Lucas Abrahão
Instructor: Jotagá Crema

15 participants

3 days


In English

How to develop an idea into a TV series project? What are the necessary steps in order to make your project ready for producers, distributors, financiers, streaming platforms and TV channels? How to pitch a TV series?

This intensive storytelling workshop is aimed at screenwriters and producers at all stages of their careers, introducing the main components of series development from the inception of an idea to the pitching stage. Concepts such as tagline, logline, story structure, character creation and world building are introduced and debated, and students end the course with a firm grasp on the necessary materials needed to pitch and present their projects.

For the last day of the workshop, participants will be asked to prepare a 10-minute pitch of a series project and present it in front of the class. Each of the student’s ideas will be debated taking into account their dramatic and commercial possibilities.

The course tutors are Lucas Abrahão (a Brazilian screenwriter and screenwriting tutor) and Jotagá Crema (a Brazilian director and screenwriter). Find the tutors’ profiles here.

Eesti keeles

Töötoa pealkiri eesti keeles: Telesarja arendamine ja esitlemine

Töötuba toimub inglise keeles. Eestikeelne kokkuvõte:

Kuidas arendada algsest ideest telesari? Millised sammud tuleb läbida, et projekt oleks sellises vormis, et jagada seda produtsentide, levitajate, rahastajate, voogedastusplatvormide ja telekanalitega? Kuidas telesarja esitleda ja mis on pitching?

Kolmepäevane intensiivne loojutustamise töötuba on mõeldud stsenaristidele ja produtsentidele, nii algajatele kui kogenud professionaalidele. Töötoas käsitletakse telesarja arendamise etappe alates idee sünnist kuni esitlusfaasini. Teemade seas on tunnuslause (tagline), juhtlause (logline), loo struktuur, tegelaste arendamine ja maailmate ehitamine. Osalejad saavad arusaama, milliseid materjale, millisel kujul ja mis formaadis on tarvis oma sarja esitlemiseks.

Viimasel töötoa päeval esitab iga osaleja juhendajatele ja grupile 10-minutilise esitluse (pitch’i) oma sarjaprojektist. Iga osaleja saab tagasisidet, sh analüüsi oma projekti sisulistest ja rahastuslikest väljavaadetest.

Kursust juhendavad Brasiilia päritolu stsenarist Lucas Abrahão ja stsenarist ning rezissöör Jotagá Crema.


  • Principles of dramaturgy for TV series (tagline, logline, story structure, creating characters & world)
  • Requisites for the evolution of a series pitch bible
  • Analysis of the market for TV Series projects
  • Series pitching for channels, streaming platforms, producers and financiers


  •  How to transform story ideas into serial narratives
  • Basics of story structure of TV series
  • Understanding of the TV series market
  • Pitching techniques

Course Schedule

Feb 13, Feb 14, and Feb 20
14.00 – 18.00

Pärast kursust

No experience required. Beginning screenwriters and producers, as well as more seasoned ones who want to learn new skills, are welcome.
No. The project can be in any stage of development. If you bring an idea, the workshop will help you to develop it into a full pitch. If you already have, for instance, a pilot script, the workshop will help you developing the project and pitch to potential collaborators.
Each student will have 10 minutes to present, and the two lecturers will use the rest of the time to give feedback and debate the projects and pitches.
This workshop focuses on storytelling. Producers and directors are welcome to take part of the workshop, but what they should be looking for is to improve their way of telling a story in serial format, and making it more resonant and appealing to international players (and audiences).
Jotagá Crema is one of the primary directors and writers of 3%, the first Brazilian Netflix Original Series, from the first season (2016) to its fourth and final one (2020). 3% was Netflix’s most watched non-English language series in 2016, deriving over half of its audience from outside of Brazil, and went on to become a landmark in streaming platforms’ production of original content worldwide. Before 3%, there was only one Netflix Original ever made outside the US (It was Clube de Cuervos, from Mexico). 3% paved the way for writers, producers and directors by proving a series like that could be done in Brazil, and that it could reach an international audience.

(This is a pilot course, hence there is no feedback yet.)

“TV writing is for people who hate being alone more than they hate writing.”
Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men

Deadline for Applications

5. veebruar 2021


Discount price*

160 €

11. veebruar 2021

(For this course you can only pay in one instalment)

145 €

11. veebruar 2021

(For this course you can only pay in one instalment)

After submitting your application form, you will get an automatic reply. On February 8 you will receive an invoice to pay the course fee. You have ensured your place in the course after paying the fee.

*Discount price is applicable for the unemployed registered in Estonian Unemployment Incurance Fund (Eesti Töötukassa) and for students currently enrolled in a course of study at an Estonian or international university or school.

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